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Re: Gary Burnore vs. Earth (Was: Value of Annon. Remailers)

   >   From: Anonymous <[email protected]>
   >   Information Security <[email protected]> wrote:
   >   > Let us know when you have an original thought.
   >   Ad hominem often comes in handy...

You are too touchy to be on the Internet, leave now! ;-)

   >   >    >   From: Missouri FreeNet Administration <[email protected]>
   >   >    >
   >   >    >   Obviously, as defenders of this man's right to post material offensive
   >   >    >   to Burnore, we too came under attack.
   >   > 
   >   > One man's attack is another's defense.
   >   I'll have to remember that one.  Some defense lawyers in Wyoming
   >   might want to use it in their clients' trial for their "defense"
   >   against that gay student.

You are equating speech to physical violence.

Not a good way to defend anonymizers.

   >   Now about Gary Burnore's "defense" against the underaged daughter of
   >   his girlfriend...

Like, why should cypherpunks care? You said it's not causing
you a connectivity problem.

You are boring everyone for no known reason.

   >   >    >    The point here is that what little survives about this lunatic child
   >   >    >   molester (he has even successfully had his North Carolina Sex Offender record
   >   >    >   removed!),...
   >   > 
   >   > Gee, why don't you ask North Carolina why, in writing?
   >   Irrelevant.  The North Carolina website of registered sex offenders
   >   was only the vehicle by which the truth about Gary Burnore's
   >   existing conviction in California became known.  Depublishing it in
   >   NC on some technicality...

What technicality?

   >   which sentenced him to probation and required him to register
   >   as a sex offender.

I wonder if Pee Wee Herman had to register.

   >   Perhaps the original whistleblower's e-mailed warnings led
   >   or contributed to Burnore's arrest, and to the resulting
   >   psychiatric treatment which may have protected future
   >   potential victims.

Just a bunch of nutters flaming each other endlessly.