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hey DIRNSA: can't talk to allies


TITLE: COMSEC - Secure Voice Telephones 

LESSON LEARNED: NATO elements must learn to use the standard secure

BACKGROUND: For future NATO-led operations, it must be stressed that the
NATO secure telephone standard is the STU IIB.
Augmenting forces must bring compatible equipment if it stays under
national control. Must come to grips with the US and NATO
secure telephones within the command. 

There are problems associated with US and NATO secure telephones: The STU
III/STU IIIA has not been released to NATO, so they
should be eliminated from the NATO comm system. The NATO standard is the
STU IIIB, only the STU IIB is compatible with the
STU IIIA. Cannot adhere to US security regulations for protecting US secure
voice systems in an allied environment. 

RECOMMENDATION: Consider a letter to DIRNSA requesting relaxation of
current US policy.