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plausible deniability (Re: ATTN: BlackNet, sog's keys 4 sale)

I wrote discussing plausible deniability for public postings:
> But for your suggested applicatoin -- plausible deniability for
> `speaking truth to kings' -- it works fine, because that's the point,
> plausible deniability against well resourced attackers (you are in
> trouble if well resourced attackers are interested in you anyway), but
> some value to the signature for low resourced attackers.
> Other ways to provide plausible deniability is to not sign public
> posts, and to use non-transferable signatures for private email.

I missed from this list of approaches for plausible deniability the
canonical cypherpunks approach: post anonymously :-)

The other way is perhaps to have shared identities, such as Monty
Cantsin claimed to be, and such as perhaps Toto has been on occasion.

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