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Hollywood on How to Talk to FBI Agents

Was watching "One Tough Cop" last weekend starring the younger and less
successful brothers of a couple of male leads.  

An NYC police drama filmed in Toronto.  

The otherwise "B" movie was enlivened by a somewhat less than sympathetic
treatment of the two FBI agents who were leaning on "One Tough Cop."  They
wanted him to plant a bug on his childhood friend who was a member of a
Sicilian social organization.  

The movie also featured two crack heads who raped and murdered a nun.  The
FBI agents got worse screen treatment than the crack heads.  

Our hero's chats with the Fibbies were always laced with strings of
obscenities meant to convey to them that he did not intend to help them.
The film showed that he did not suffer professional reversals because of
his treatment of Fibbies.