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FBI Affidavit on Ex-NSA Cryptanalyst

We offer the FBI's 23-page affidavit of charges against David
Sheldon Boone, ex-NSA cryptanalyst who allegedly
passed top secret SIGINT, EW and nuclear targeting plans 
to the Soviets:


Tantalizing hints on means and methods, quoting the affidavit of the 
FBI agent in charge:

  On one occasion, "Igor" [Soviet agent] told BOONE that the 
  KGB/SVRR had access to United States Signals Directive 
  (USSID) Zero, which was an index of all other USSIDs, and 
  from this index IGOR asked BOONE to obtain specific USSIDs. 
  I have ascertained that USSIDs are classified NSA publications 
  for use in providing Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) support to 
  the United States military.

  BOONE told the OA [FBI Operational Asset posing as Soviet 
  agent to set up Boone] that he had given "Igor" a photocopy 
  of an NSA document entitled "United States Signals Intelligence 
  Directive (USSID) 514," dated May 6, 1988.  BOONE told the 
  OA that this USSID was unusual because it was one of few 
  USSIDs to be classified TOP SECRET rather than SECRET. 
  BOONE told the OA that USSID 514 was not widely 
  disseminated but that one copy had been at USAFS 

And more on Boone's training and duties in cryptanalysis at
Fort Meade and in Germany.

Bad Ausburg is the location of one of the NSA intercept stations 
for the Echelon program is it not?