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No Subject

>From Springfield poxmarked 9 October 1998:

Subject: Springfield CypherPunks Physical Meeting
         FPP 10-5-98

Date:    Every Saturday thru Thursday (except when it

Time:    During 'REC' Hour.

Place:   Recreation Cages/The Hole (TM)
         Nuthouse Number Nine
         Looney Level 'Leven
         Springfield, Missouri

Directions: Walk to the Cell Door. Turn around, squat 
down and put your hands behind you, and through the Slot 
In The Door. Stand up after Handcuffs are in place, turn
around and wait for Guard to open Door. Step into
hallway and wait for Pat-Down. (Smiling, Wisecracks & 
Hard-Ons not advised.) Follow first Inmate & Guard.

There will be a short period for everyone to cop a few
butts (cigarettes only, please), if they don't have
any, light them and Shoot the Shit or Settle Old Scores 
before the Speakers begin to Rant & Rave or Blather

              This Weeks Topics/Speakers

Saturday:  Where Are Everybody's Shoes?
           ~ MAY, T.C.

Sunday:    Does Anybody Remember What We Talked About
           ~ FroomNOSPAMkin, M.

Monday:    I *TOLD* You They (TM) Were Out To Get Us!
           ~ replay.com, [email protected]

Tuesday:   If They're So Certain This Prison is Secure,
           Then Why Won't They Provide Us With Blue
           ~ Geiger, Wm III

Wednesday: This Isn't What I Had In Mind When I Helped
           Set the Prison Standards
           ~ Hallam-Baker, P.

           I'm Sure Glad I Put In A Side Door
           ~ Sameer, P.

           I Broke Out! (But I Can't Provide You With
           Any Details)
           ~ Zimmermann, P.

           How many Beatings Does It Take To Change A
           Prison Cell Light Bulb?
           ~ Costner, R.

           I Bet Bill Gates *Stole* Everyone's Shoes!
           ~ Hun, A.T.

           I *Love* This Prison!
           ~ Hettinga, R.

Thursday:  Prisoner #7-9-12-13-15-18-5, J. is a COCK
           ~ Warden Vulis, D. (KOTM)

                 (DON'T FORGET YOUR SHOES!)