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mail2fax remailer capability? (fwd)

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> Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 20:14:40 +0100
> From: Adam Back <[email protected]>
> Subject: mail2fax remailer capability?

> Has anyone come across any mail2fax site which tries to keep track of
> other free fax services and forward faxes to one in the right area?

It wouldn't surprise me any to find that Kinko's and other such chain print
shops couldn't do that sort of thing. Now if they'd do it over the web....

> ('Course if we could get some damn working ecash, we could fax it
> anywhere -- sender pays:-)

Open a laundromat, at least one person here in Austin has begun providing
smart-card/no cash services.

> Next stage -- anonymous voice mail delivered via voice modem /
> soundcard, all via mixmaster, that would be nice!

An anonymous remailer which drove a multi-format/media database would be
pretty nifty. Might find more than a few niche markets to dabble in as well.
In a sense you'd have your own little one machine data-haven.

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