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mail2fax remailer capability?

I am noticing the odd free email2fax "your fax was sent successfully"
report in the dud messages sent to (the non-replyable)
[email protected]

Warming to the heart that -- anonymous fax.

Now I am wondering what the coverage is like on fax gateways -- it
clearly only is going to work in places where there are free local
calls, for numbers counting as local to the gateway.

Just thinking it would be kind of nice if one could send a message

To: [email protected]

via mixmaster and have it sort out the delivery if possible to
mail2fax gateways operating with local calls in that area code.
(Analogously perhaps to the auto USENET posting from those remailers
with this option turned on -- that is either direct (remailer posts)
or indirect (forwarded to a mail2news gateway)).

Has anyone come across any mail2fax site which tries to keep track of
other free fax services and forward faxes to one in the right area?

('Course if we could get some damn working ecash, we could fax it
anywhere -- sender pays:-)

Next stage -- anonymous voice mail delivered via voice modem /
soundcard, all via mixmaster, that would be nice!