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ADfilter 2.1 Registration Code

Thank you for trying ADfilter 2.0

Your email address is: [email protected]
Your personal ADfilter key is X3KCZ-K9994

Visit our web site at http://www.adfilter.com to purchase the full
ADfilter 2.0 Professional for just US$19.95!

Installing ADfilter:
Run ADFSETUP.EXE. This will install ADfilter on your computer. As soon as
installation is complete, ADfilter will show you a registration screen.
Enter the e-mail address to which your registration key has been sent (you
entered this before you downloaded ADfilter) and the registration code
that has been sent to that e-mail address. Remember to include all
punctuation when completing these two fields.

Check that the ADfilter icon appears in your Windows system tray (bottom
right of your screen). The icon is green when ADfilter is on and red when
ADfilter is off. Double-clicking the icon opens ADfilter's configuration

If you encounter any difficulties you will find additional help on the
ADfilter support page or you can contact us at [email protected]