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Disk (block device) encryption for Linux and *BSD?

Apologies for the interruption,

I'm looking for disk / partition encryption for Unix-alikes, especially
Linux, OpenBSD and/or NetBSD.

My websearch has been less than satisfactory - I found outdated Linux
kernel patches for encryption loopback, and I distinctly remember reading
about a serious bug in the use (or lack thereof) of key material in this

Do patches for a current Linux kernel exist, and have all the known
bugs been fixed?

Also, there seems to be no version of Marutukku about that I can actually
get to work on *BSD. Is Marutukku still being developed?

Generally, is there a good page that tracks disk encryption for Unix?

I'm currently using cfs here and there, and I have a specific question
about that package, too:

Does the cypherpunks list trust the patches that add Blowfish support
to cfs?

Questions questions..