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Ms. Anges Lek,
Managing Director

We have urgent need for suitcases that enable transport of laptop computers
through customs without search. Please provide case histories.

Tim May wrote:
> At 5:07 AM -0700 10/15/98, [email protected] wrote:
> >Dear reader,
> >
> >We have just visited your website and became interested to develop a
> >trading relationship with you company.
> >
> >We are a major manufacturer of a full range of luggage, bags, and
> >trolleys.For full details
> >mailto:[email protected]?Subject=BESTPLUS_IDUSTRIES_LTD.
> >
> >Thank you very much,
> >
> >Ms. Anges Lek,
> >Managing Director
> >
> Thank you for posting this to our list!
> We are very interested in specialized types of luggage. We seek suitcases
> and briefcases in which various items may be hidden. The usual items:
> money, papers, drugs, chemicals, and various pyrotechnic assemblies.
> Please describe your experience in fabricating such items, and please list
> some of your more famous clients.
> Warning: We have very high standards! The luggage we use now has been used
> to export the PGP source code disks to Finland and Holland, and such
> esteemed travellers as Pablo Escobar, Abu Nidal, and the Engineer have used
> the same products we use.
> We look forward to your reply.
> --Asama bin May, Director of Delivery Operations, World Liberation Front