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Re: Happy Birthday to Convicted Child Molester Gary Burnore

[email protected] (Gary L. Burnore) whined:

> >[snip out-of-date, erroneous sex offender registration]

He means you're an ignorant asswipe who shouldn't have told the
North Carolina authorities of your child molestation conviction in
California.  Too late for that, and nuking the page on NC registered
sex offenders' site doesn't make your criminal conviction go away

> More likely the one and only anonymous asshole. AKA [email protected]   
> Ignore him. He goes away.

"One and only" ... wow!  But if claim to know his identity, then he
isn't anonymous.  Make up your little perverted mind.  As for
ignoring him, you just can't take your own advice, can you?

Just because you're pissed that someone anonymously blew the whistle
on your pederasty in Santa Clara, CA by informing your victim's
mother and school officials is no reason for such ad hominem.  You
were busted fair and square, and your own guilty plea sealed your
fate.  BTW, did you ever ask yourself how this "RFG" character would
have known that you were screwing your live-in girlfriend's daughter
behind her back, if he's "the one and only anonymous asshole"?

Getting sexual predators like you identified so that your neighbors
with children can keep an eye on you is reason enough for anonymous
remailers to exist, given your history of harassment against anyone
who dares to criticize you.