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Re: Cyptography in the Information Age

Let me know if you get arrested. I'll write about it.


At 09:08 PM 10-16-98 -0400, Stephen Benjamin wrote:
>X-Posted: sci.crypt, cypherpunks mailing list
>For my Advanced Computer Science course in school I'm required to do
>a research paper each quarter.  I have decided to do this quarter's
>paper on Cyptography in the Information Age.
>My paper will contain a 6-line (perl) implemenation of
>RSA.	Is my report subject to current Encryption Laws?
>If so, which ones? I plan on making a big deal out of
>how a 15 page research paper can't be exported from the U.S.A.
>Also, How can I generate RSA keys in perl?
>I found a C program to do it, but I don't have C installed.
>Thanks for any help you can give me! and please reply
>through e-mail!
>Stephen Benjamin
>E-mail address: Stephen {DOT} Benjamin {AT} juno {DOT} com