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I read this today and thought it might be of general interest.


> The public key
> The perception of people losing their privacy has hit the mainstream.  ABC
> News began a series on October 5th entitled Privacy Lost.
> Operation Echelon, if you haven't heard of it yet you will once mainstream
> media gets a hold of it.  We began reading about this and the more
> information we found the more we began to think George Orwell worked for the
> NSA [USA National Security Agency ].  When all the details surface we
> may find that big brother really does
> exist and has for some time. The NSA reportedly worked closely with other
> security agencies to build an interception network.  This network is so vast
> that it can supposedly intercept every electronic communication on the
> planet.  The ramifications of this network existing we think will be far
> reaching and go a long way to forming online privacy policy in the future.
> The NSA was also nice enough to provide us with our next topic as well.  It
> appears that up until a few years ago the NSA had a clandestine agreement
> with a Swiss cryptography company, Crypto AG.  Crypto AG also at one time
> provided most of the encryption equipment used at the diplomatic level
> around the world.  What's special about this is, the agreement allowed the
> NSA to embed key-recovery devices inside products sold to other countries.
> The NSA could read the information transmitted with these products as easily
> as reading the newspaper.  This was an ongoing process until March 1992,
> when Iranian counterintelligence agents arrested a marketing representative
> from Crypto AG on suspicion of spying.  The battle for privacy continues.
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