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Re: Dorkslayers..

We had a run-in with Dorkslayers last night too :(

The first time we brought out our sendmail update, 
we left it in it's "Virgin state" for approximately
6 hours for monitoring.  During that period we "failed"
a "relay test", and were blacklisted.  As an RBL subscriber,
I was appalled at the difference in attitudes between vix
and dorkslayers.  It is obvious after just a momentary look 
at the web site that they are out to "have some fun" 
antagonizing others.  

The RBL will mail a notice.  These slimebags don't even
care if you have had an illegal relay: all they care about 
is finding an  *excuse*  to put you on their list.  Why is
a group "dedicated to saving the InterNet" giving it's biggest 
prominence (in terms of W3 space) to hate mail recieved from
people that D/S has intentionally wronged?

This group is actually *hurting* the cause significantly.  I 
was furious enough that I almost left the anti-relay out just
to piss them off.  The problem is, *that's what they really want*.

Getting off is easy, just configure your networks they way *THEY*
want them configured: your clients/customers/employees can all
go to hell as far as Dorkslayers is concerned. VERY POOR.

Perhaps a torrent of mail asking *THEM* to clean up their
act would be a "push in the right direction"?

J.A. Terranson
[email protected]
(Who will not doubt be back on their list by tomorrow
for daring to bad mouth the all-mighty "Dorkslayers")