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We got documents on CJ from the US District Court,Western 
WA, in Tacoma. Pretty skimpy but informative on why CJ has 
been held for two months since his arrest on August 18.

As noted earlier, CJ has been indicted, clubbed with a blunt 

                          COUNT 1

  Beginning on or about June 23, 1997, and continuing through
  December 9, 1997, at Tacoma and elsewhere, within the Western
  District of Washington, CARL EDWARD JOHNSON, did threaten
  to kill certain federal law enforcement officers and judges
  of the United States, with intent to impeded, intimidate, or
  interfere with said officers and judges on account of their
  official duties.

  All in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections

  Dated September 30 1998.

The June 23 and December dates bracket the messages cited in
the complaint by Jeff Gordon, and discussed here. The grand
jury must have base its charge on Jeff's complaint for there's
no explication of the charges in the indictment. (See the complaint
at: http://jya.com/cejfiles.htm.)

On the date of the indictment a bench warrant was issued for 
CJ's arrest. It was returned on October 9 marked "returned 
unexcuted - warrant issued in error - per AUSA Robb 
London." CJ was in Springfield during this time.

There were two handwritten notes. 

One says: "Called Tucson - Have Mag case on 98-2824M. Undergoing 
psych eval. 8/26/98. 520-620-7200.

The other: "10/5/98. Per Tucson, Deft in Psych Eval. Unsure of
dates in order to figure Speedy Trail."

A Case Status form, dated September 22, 1998, notes that CJ is
in detention based on a District of Arizona order, with the
note, "8-18-98; now awaiting compentency evaluation and R40
hearing." At the bottom the form states "The estimated trial 
time is 4 trial days."

What's screwy about all this is that when the grand jury 
returned the indictment and a bench warrant was issued, CJ was 
in Springfield but the AUSA seemed not to know it, or didn't 
tell the magistrate who issued the bench warrant, although the 
notes in the case file clearly showed that this information had 
been recorded. Who knows what else the grand jury and judge was
told or not told by the US Attorneys and the IRS -- the public 
record tells naught.

And CJ's right to a speedy trial, though noted, is overridden 
by the prolonged psychological evaluation process, as well as
overlooked or ignored communications between WA and AZ.

And the buffoonish bench warrant? That appears to indicate 
incompetence in the US Attorney's office -- that's AUSA
Robb London in charge (not to slight Katrina Pflaumer, USA, 
and William Redkey, AUSA, who also signed the indictment).

And the four days for a trial for alleged murder attempts? Is 
this real? Or is this threat of quick vicious justice by biased 
attorneys with vengence in mind, coupled with the prolonged 
delay, a ploy to coerce CJ to plead?

Brings back memories of Jim Bell's punishment by delay, 
isolation, manipulation, change of jails, and coercion, with 
a plea bargain just to get the the psychological torture to 

Wonder if Jim and CJ are allowed to swap tips and tricks on 
surviving political imprisonment in the United States of 
America. Creative writing of text and music, lyrics for the
song of assassination politics by American Justice.