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Re: Happy Birthday to Convicted Child Molester Gary Burnore

[email protected] (Gary L. Burnore) wrote:

> >Just because you're pissed that someone anonymously blew the whistle
> >on your pederasty in Santa Clara, CA by informing your victim's
> >mother and school officials is no reason for such ad hominem.
> Hi ronnie.  Too bad you're still just making stuff up.  The above never
> happened.

So which was the lie?  This recent post of yours, or the previous
one where you claimed:

-> So now the cowards in Ronald Francis's corner (I'm outright expecting the
-> culprit to be ronald francis himself) have taken to sending email to
-> those who have names listed on databasix's web page.  Sending comments to
-> a 17 year old that they're going to tell her mother that she's having an
-> affair with me.  Telling her mother that I'm molesting her daughter.
-> Having all sorts of fun.

If it didn't happen, why did you claim it did?  You are the one who
resorted to a PUBLIC post to whine about a PRIVATE e-mail not even
addressed to you.  And what's this about a DataBasix web page?  Were
you maintaining a kiddie porn site on all of your victims to trade
with fellow pedophiles?

Your own wording "Telling her mother that I'm molesting her
daughter" pretty much sums up the whistleblowing that occurred.  Why
else didn't the girl or her mother complain, instead of you?

> >You
> >were busted fair and square, and your own guilty plea sealed your
> >fate.
> I didn't plead guilty, liar.  

No contest?  Insanity?

> >BTW, did you ever ask yourself how this "RFG" character would
> >have known that you were screwing your live-in girlfriend's daughter
> >behind her back, if he's "the one and only anonymous asshole"?
> I wasn't screwing anyone.  I also wasn't living with anyone.  More lies on
> your part.  You never will get the facts straight.

Not even the $30K in legal fees you spent could refute those facts
upon which you were convicted.  It's a little too late to pretend
you were innocent.  Or are you going to fall back on Camille Klein's
pitiful tale of how your victim allegedly tried to "rape" you?