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Re: Happy Birthday to Convicted Child Molester Gary Burnore

[email protected] (Gary L. Burnore) wrote:

> >fees and PLED GUILTY,
> Ronald Guimlette, please correct your lies.  I didn't plead guilty.

If you're going to smear him you should at least learn to spell
"Guilmette".  So what was your plea?  No contest?

> >Real comforting to the folks with kids living on Bland Road and the
> >immediate vicinity...
> More lies Ronald.  Can't see to well from CA, eh?

How can an opinion be a "lie"?  Sarcasm is lost on perverts like
you, I guess.  If you're saying that your neighbors welcome convicted
sex offenders in their neighborhood, then you and they deserve each

> >> There are a few
> >> that post here that really don't like him, though, and it seems they
> >> will do most anything to keep this thread alive.
> >
> >What?  Someone doesn't like child molesters?  Imagine that!
> There are no child molesters posting here.  You're lying again.

That was a self-contradictory statement, since you, a convicted
child molester, just posted.