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The latest news from Toto

I got a letter from Toto today, and he's doing well. Or at least as well
as one can under his circumstances.

He has a few friendly requests, though, which I'm not necessarily in any
position to respond to.

* Does anyone have an RSA-in-perl t-shirt (or sweatshirt, or whatever)
to spare? He wants the Well Dressed CypherPunk Defendant Look (TM) in

* Declan McCullagh: Congratulations, you've been added to the visitors'

* Oh, yeah! If someone could mail me copies of the FPP stuff, it would be
nice, since the Shrink Rapper has copies and I don't. (The IRS is sending
it to him as part of his punishment for laughing at my jokes...)

If anyone knows what he's referring to, reply to the cpunks list and I'll
get in touch personally, or just mail it to him directly.