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RE: UK police chase crooks on CCTV

Just read Jim Choates reply to this, Ken Browns prompts my reply.

Jim Brown mentioned the use of soccer hooligans to justify the widespread
use of mounted cameras- and face matching software technology in the UK-,
and how use of large sunglasses, hats, scarves, false mustaches or beards
might complicate that identification. I would further add that, if knowing
such implements were in use, or upon seeing such devices, some persons
might be inclined to keep their face turned down, or away, to further
complicate identification by such a system.

This is what gets me.

Is a government training its populace to walk about with face directed at
the ground 5 feet in front of? To be afraid of holding the head upright? To
dissuade noticing the guards patrolling the fence, to ignore the overt
threat and implication this implies?

Are we (they) really training a generation to fear authority, to cow to,
and bow down to it without a fight? 

We are stationing some people in your house, to keep an eye on the
suspected crack house across the street.


We are mounting a camera on the corner of your house, to keep an eye on the
corner down the way- never mind that it can swivel 270 and watch everything
in the neighborhood. 


We are mounting a camera in your house, with microphones, because we have
heard x and y and z.



It is enough to make a person paranoid, if s/he wasn't already.


	Fear has a scent and Money has a color,
	but Stupid walks right up and slaps you in the face,
	Every time.

						-- me, I think.