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RE: UK police chase crooks on CCTV (fwd)

> William H. Geiger III[SMTP:[email protected]] wrote (among other
> stuff):
> What we need is a mechanism to punish the politicians
> who go down the Big Brother path *and* the companies
> who are making big profits helping them. 
> IMHO the UK, and the rest of Europe, is a lost cause,
> it's sheeple are too brainwashed

The best bit of news of the last few days is Pinochet's arrest. It
lifted my heart. Almost made up for the all 
the bad stuff the UK government has been coming out with. 
(Also it brought Thatcher out of the woodwork. Like a large segment of
the British Tory party she really is/was an authoritarian, 
paying lip-service to the Free Market for political reasons. You can
tell them by the company they keep.)