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Censored news topic censored ...

Dear TOTN at NPR,

This is most distressing.  I was one of the very first
callers to your Talk of the Nation show today whose
topic was relevant news reporting in the US.  My topic
was the lack of reporting on the FBI's last minute
sneak of the roving wire tap proposal into the
intelligence budget bill.  I wanted Ray to talk about
the editorial process and how these things get dropped
on the floor as this item is extremely important to
our democracy because it is an agency charged with
protecting our Constitutional rights (the FBI) who is
deliberately circumventing the democratic legislative
process to pass a law which was sounded defeated two
years ago in open debate.

Ironically, my topic was censored, and I waited an
hour, while other people wanted to discuss things
like how they can vent about their divorce
difficulties through the Monica Lewinsky scandal, only
to be dropped in the end.

Would any of the NPR staff or Mr. Suarez would like
to explain just what happened here?


Ernest Hua, TeraLogic Inc, 1300 Villa St, Mountain View, CA 94041
(650) 526-6064, [email protected]