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Re: Women cannot commit rape?

>This is true in the United States as well.  That's why in every state,
>technically speaking, their is no crime of "rape" just varying degrees and
>types of "criminal sexual assault".  I'm suprised that hasn't trickled down
>to france yet.  Rape is defined as forcing someone to have sexual
>intercourse.  It doesn't take much imagination to build an argument that
>you can't force a man to have sex, after all he had to get aroused.  The
>advantage of criminal sexual assualt is that it side steps these kind of
>issues by greatly broadening the crime to basicly forcing/manipulating
>someone  to engae in any kind of sexual activity.

"You get hard right now or I take this knife and cut your balls off
sloooowly! You have one minute."

That is probably out in left field. I doubt it would happen much.