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Re: Censored news topic censored ...

I don't speak up here much but I can't let this go: the next time you hear
William Buckley on the Commonwealth Club broadcast on NPR, or hear the
almost-commercial-broadcast-length squibs that pretend to be underwriter
attributions but which are really tiny little commercials for ADM
"Supermarket to the World" or Wells Fargo "Making Your Time Count," ask
yourself who NPR is really working for, and set your expectations
accordingly.  Then send your checks to Pacifica to support free-speech

At 03:00 PM 10/22/98 -0700, Mark Hedges wrote:
>It sounds like even the enlightened folks at NPR don't have the guts
>to stand up and say something about issues as critical as expanded
>FBI powers over citizens and the sneaky tricks used to pass those laws.
>It's not really a big surprise, though.  Monica Lewinsky's blowjobs
>take precedence over incredulous claims like 'NSA SPIES ON EVERYONE'
>They will have to live with their own lack of character. So will we.
>Mark Hedges
>At 1:13 PM -0700 10/22/98, Ernest Hua wrote:
>>Dear TOTN at NPR,
>>This is most distressing.  I was one of the very first
>>callers to your Talk of the Nation show today whose
>>topic was relevant news reporting in the US.  My topic
>>was the lack of reporting on the FBI's last minute
>>sneak of the roving wire tap proposal into the
>>intelligence budget bill.  I wanted Ray to talk about
>>the editorial process and how these things get dropped
>>on the floor as this item is extremely important to
>>our democracy because it is an agency charged with
>>protecting our Constitutional rights (the FBI) who is
>>deliberately circumventing the democratic legislative
>>process to pass a law which was sounded defeated two
>>years ago in open debate.
>>Ironically, my topic was censored, and I waited an
>>hour, while other people wanted to discuss things
>>like how they can vent about their divorce
>>difficulties through the Monica Lewinsky scandal, only
>>to be dropped in the end.
>>Would any of the NPR staff or Mr. Suarez would like
>>to explain just what happened here?
>>Ernest Hua, TeraLogic Inc, 1300 Villa St, Mountain View, CA 94041
>>(650) 526-6064, [email protected]
>  Mark Hedges      [email protected]      www.infopeace.com
>  "One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard
>  a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish
>  a dictatorship."  O'Brien from 1984, George Orwell