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dog stocks

Don't shoot me, shoot the remailer operator. :-).

*I* couldn't have said the following...

Now, where *is* that Walter Winchell hat?

Bob Hettinga

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Subject: dog stocks
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of course this information should be laundered.... Remember Mr. McLellan is
an SDTI partisan.

SDTI *is* a dog stock.  It has problems.

(1) SecureID is decade-old technology.  They are ripe for competitors to
steal the business away from them, because of their business model.
They've yet to come up with any second trick for that pony.

(2) RSADSI is an anchor on the company.  RSADSI revenues have been flat for
six quarters; the most profitable thing they do is their little January
conference -- except for owning part of Verisign.  Sept. 30 2000 is fast
approaching and they have no plan on how they will compete once they no
longer have a patent to club people with.  The most profitable thing SDTI
could do would be to fire everyone in RSADSI, and use the monsy that would
be spent on their salaries to invest heavily in smart cards.


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