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Palm Computing Platform Worldwide Developer Conference: Register Today!

Here it is...

It's not what you think....it's better.

You can't afford to miss the Palm Computing Platform Worldwide Developer
Conference, December 1-4, 1998, at the Santa Clara Convention Center.  Why?

During the conference, Palm Computing will unveil its Internet strategy.
You won't want to miss hearing how the company that's driving the future of
handheld computing will demonstrate how the net will never be the same.

You can also choose from more than 90 hours of keynote, business,
technical, and platform sponsor sessions. See major products from IBM,
Symbol Technologies, Qualcomm, Inc., and also attend sessions hosted by
each of companies along with other sponsors including Apple, Certicom, Lotus, Oracle, Puma, Sun, 
Sybase and TRG.

And discover for yourself why the Palm Computing platform really is the new
force in computing.

No wonder more than 10,000 developers are already providing software and
hardware solutions for the Palm Computing platform.

What are you waiting for? Register today!

For a detailed agenda and online registration, go to our conference
website: http://www.palmdevcon.com.

See you in December!