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MIB Subponeas

Toad has encouraged publication of any other subpoenas 
in the Toto-assassination case, and we've asked for info on 
any other solicitations by the MIBs to list subscribers, or others, 
such as that to Alan Greenspan posted here.

It's understandable that anyone served or solicited might 
want to keep that private, upon legal advice, or for self-protection.

However, it'd be a help to those of us awaiting the slug, or wanting
to aid and abet the MIB-fed fictional conspiracy, to know what is 
happening. For example, the dates of contact, when the documents 
were served and the means used, what was asked for, or anything 
that might be shared without necessarily identifying who was 
contacted. Anon to the list or to jya if preferred.

For example, Alcatraz's subpoena was dated October 9, for a
GJ session on November 10. We don't know when the subpoena 
was served or how. And how those dates and compare to those 
of Huntsville's, though in latter case we've been told the subpoena 
came with two MIBs.

JYA'd like to be in Tacoma when the WWA GJ is MIB imaginary
totostimony, either in response to character-assassinatory 
subpoena or by idly hanging out with attention-seeking gov 
assassination-groupies,  so some times and dates would be 
helpful if different from November 10.

Bee in the bonnet: A few days before CJ's arrest warrant was issued 
the DoJ put out a study on the "Shared Traits of Potential Assassins:"


The traits:

    * To achieve notoriety or fame.
    * To bring attention to a personal or public problem.
    * To avenge a perceived wrong; to retaliate for a perceived injury.
    * To end personal pain; to be removed from society; to be killed.
    * To save the country or the world; to fix a world problem.
    * To develop a special relationship with the target.
    * To make money.
    * To bring about political change.

What? The ambitious MIB job description mirrors the Cypherpunk agenda?

The PR on the report goes on:

      The report outlines how law enforcement agencies can establish programs
  and systems to identify and prevent persons with the means and interest to
  attack a protected person.  The guide may also assist law enforcement and
  security agencies responsible for investigating and preventing other
kinds of
  targeted violence, such as stalking, domestic violence or workplace
  The report takes law enforcement agencies through the entire threat
  process, from designing a protective intelligence program to investigating
  suspicious persons to closing a case.
      Protective intelligence programs are based on the idea that the risk of
  violence is minimized if persons with the interest, capacity and willingness
  to mount an attack can be identified and rendered harmless before they
  approach a protected person.
      To obtain a copy of "Protective Intelligence and Threat Assessment
  Investigations" (NCJ 170612, 59 pp.), contact the National Criminal Justice
  Reference Service at 800-851-3420.

Amazing coincidence, this matching of Justice with the Cypherpunk
missions. MIB aiding and abetting MIB.