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Re: so, what did Toto *do*,......

>all seen posted here. Personally, I found them a lot milder than Reeza!'s 
>projection of his suicide fantasies, for instance.

Huh? Well Goodness Fuck, Does this mean I am notorious as well?

I hope they don't suppoena me from my duty station. I don't archive nothing
but Jack and Schidt, and the meatspace location would really suprise them.
Plus, the entanglement of me getting the network logs- and other things
that would be on those logs- from the ship and everything, my mind boggles
at the "intelligence" that would blindly pursue.... and the authority that
thinks it could make it so..... right hand and left hand of the same gov't.
Fascinating, in its own way.

Then again, wouldn't it be a 5th, or 12th, or 20th level move, to be
planned out in advance?



	Why are there Asteroids in the Hemisphere,
	and Hemorrhoids in your Ass?
		Isn't that Backwards?
	Shouldn't it be Hemoriods in the Hemisphere,
	and Assterrhoids in your Ass?