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Re: so, what did Toto *do*, exactly to get locked up? (Re: rules of en (fwd)

Maybe the Feds have more on CJ than what's in Jeff
Gordon's complaint and it was provided to the Grand
Jury for the indictment, but maybe not. 

The alleged threat to murder federal officials surely 
ricochets noisily in governmental brainpans.

It's probable that law enforcement and judicial circles have 
a secret treasure of confidential warnings, alerts and operations 
about gland-thrilling potential threats -- of which the DoJ 
study cited here is only one peek into Pandora's twat,
wet just so to enthrall the high benchers and avid affidavites.

Domestic terrorism looms large in boosting security budgets 
and for rouging the mundane, boring justice system grinding 
ever so drearily, getting so little appreciation what with the luridities 
of the Billy-Kenny crotch graball, and the newsy African
bombings and cruise attacks -- what's a Public Servant got to
do to get what's due for self-sacrifice. Why finger an assassin, 
thank you god for Jim and CJ, for bottomless cypherpunks
conspiracy afermenting.

For example, I spoke to the Estevan police about CJ's arrest
warrant and was told that it was for a non-extraditable offense.
So there's not much pressure coming from Canada despite
Jeff's citing that background in his complaint. I asked for docs
to flesh out Jeff's complaint but couldn't get any.

Then we know that the Secret Service interviewed CJ but took
no action on his alleged threats against DC pols (and maybe 
against others -- there's another aspect of CJ threats that a 
cpunk might want to amplify).

And there's no evidence so far of FBI involvement in CJ's case,
which as noted here is somewhat hard to understand where
there's a threat of murdering federal officials. Why the IRS is the
principal investigative office for what is no longer merely an IRS 
matter is not yet answerable based on what's public.

It could be that a broader investigation is underway and Jeff's
is a cover. 

Let us pray for that, that thanks to Jim Bell and CJ we'll all be 
hyperlinked to International Terrorism, the surefire stage
for rep building, raking dollars, the spunk of cpunk.

Wasn't that the characteristics of the American Dream in the 
DoJ list of assassin traits? Particularly, the lust to be cop-killed, 
or to forfeit property fast, whichever.