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Re: so, what did Toto *do*,......

At 3:55 AM -0800 10/25/98, Joseph 'Anonymous' Howe wrote:
>Reeza! wrote:
>> >all seen posted here. Personally, I found them a lot milder than Reeza!'s
>> >projection of his suicide fantasies, for instance.
>> Huh? Well Goodness Fuck, Does this mean I am notorious as well?
>In a post primarily about your feelings about Klinton, you outlined
>a detailed suicide fantasy ("meet your maker") and suggested other people
>might like to eat a bullet too. That's closer to presidential assasination
>than Toto ever got.

But Reeza! posts from a .mil address, and .mil folks have historically had
more lattitude in deciding when and where to apply "sanctions."

--Tim May

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