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Re: PRNGs and testers.

At 09:47 AM 10/26/98 +0100, Mok-Kong Shen wrote:
>David Honig wrote:
>> Now run Maurer's test; I've posted a version for blocksize = 16.
>> The cipher-PRNG output will not have the entropy expected for randomness.
>> The physical-random file will.
>I don't see you have answered my question of whether a test has to
>take into consideration how a sequence of numbers has been obtained.

A test measures only what it measures.

You never know if this is sufficient.

A sample of a non-random process may pass your tests
if they don't measure the right thing.

>Also what you wrote above seems to be less than clear. Do you suggest
>that Mauerer's test is extremely good in deciding whether a sequence 
>is TRULY random? (I think Maurer's test is good for investigating 

I only find it interesting that the test can distinguish between
the two data samples.  To the eye, or ear, or Diehard, they appear the same.

>What if some PRNGs pass Maurer's test?
>M. K. Shen

I'd find it surprising if any did, given what I described.