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Re: An amendment proposal...

> Section 6.  The concept of individual privacy is hereby clearly recognized
>             as being held by all peoples. No agency of any civil, legal,
>             military, or executive authority may infringe this right 
> without
>             just cause. This right shall include all communications,
>             writings, storage media, and other technologies used in the
>             creation, execution, and storage. No authority within the
>             United States of America may prohibit the publishing of any
>             document or other media. The rights of ownership and copyright
>             shall be respected to the legal holder.

Your scope of privacy seems to be rather narrow. It is not only communication.
Privacy is also needed on public places (e.g., violated by face recognition systems), 
at work places (e.g.,violated by telephone tapping), for your body (e.g., endangered by 
abortion control),

Copyright protection is only one way of hiding subsidies to industry. The amount
of money which is sometimes claimed in relation to copyright violation is wishful thinking.
If copyright protection would work, then the value of sold products will be much less.
A very small number of people would buy the product for the regular price. On the other
hand with piracy, the market share is growing extremely fast. The current situation
is hypocritical, because industry wants both.

Theodor Schlickmann