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FW: Death, Politics and the Net

...and I was just thinking the other day it would be cool to create a
government blocking service maintaining a list of disallowed IPs and
providing a click-thru redirect agreement complete with legal
enforcement. ;)


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Subject: Death, Politics and the Net

[There *is* a cyberia connection in here, somewhere, I think.]

I'm sure you all (in the U.S., at least) have heard of the murdered
Tennessee state senator, and that his opponent in the upcoming election
is now charged with the crime.

Well, turns out that the boys aren't just from anywhere in TN, but from
Putnam County, home of the cookie-monster suit between the local guvvies
and the Putnam Pit <http://www.putnampit.com/>.  So, always interested
in alternative viewpoints, thought I'd see what the Pit had to say, in
it's own inimitable way.  Found that its home page now says what
follows. Thought it might interest some, for reasons unrelated to the
alleged crime.

Welcome to The Putnam Pit online

Because of the costs associated with producing The Putnam Pit caused by
local government civil rights violations, government officials,
employees and their agents may no longer access this site without a
subscription. This site is a private forum. It is private property and
protected by copyright law and the fourth amendment to the United States
Constitution. If you do not work for or represent the Cookeville or
Putnam County, Tenn., governments, are not using a government computer
or government Internet account and agree no portion of any material
posted here will be made available to the governments of Cookeville or
Putnam County, Tenn., or their agents, click here for free access.

Notice to employees, officials or agents of the Cookeville or Putnam
County, Tenn., governments, and those using a government computer or
government Internet account:
If you are an employee, official or agent of the Cookeville or Putnam
County, Tenn., governments, or you are using a government computer or
government Internet account you must purchase a subscription to access
The Putnam Pit. A subscription costs $20 and may be obtained by sending
a check to The Putnam Pit, P.O. Box 1483, Cookeville, Tenn. 38503. If
you access any page of the material managed and owned by The Putnam Pit,
Inc., without a subscription, you agree by that access to pay $500 per
incident of access to each page accessed every time you access it. You
further agree to waive all rights to contest collection of any debt
thereby incurred, and enter into this agreement on behalf of the
government entity on whose computer or through whose Internet account
your access was facilitated. You further represent by clicking below and
accessing The Putnam Pit's private and copyrighted property to allow The
Putnam Pit or its agents to inspect the hard drive of your computer to
determine the number of times the site was accessed according to he
terms of this contract to determine the amount owed. click here