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Re: files (was: Re: dbts, etc.)

Steve Bellovin ([email protected]) wrote...

 >  . . . to trace the the perturbations caused to the system. . .
 > The more anonymity, and the more privacy cut-outs, the
 > harder this is. . .
 > To be sure, one can assert that the philosophical
 > gains -- privacy, libertarianism, what have you -- are
 > sufficiently important that this price is worth paying. . .

Steve, as you point out most of us are driven primarily by practical
concerns. This is a philosophy: pragmatism. Beyond mind exercise,
philosophy is valuable exactly to the extent it is practical.

DBS increases freedom. Increased freedom is practical because it reduces
risks -- of confiscation, imprisonment, and death -- and because it
usually increases efficiency. All of these pragmatic considerations seem
much more important than the ease of maintenance, at least to me.