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Re: Airline ID Checking (was: RE: your mail)

Who knows for sure anymore.  Because of the "Anti-Terrorism" bill, it
is required that security be beafed up.  When they scan the ID, it is
to check against their records that you are who you say you are. . .so
they say.  In actuality, they are tracing movements of people, so if
the shit comes down, they will know where everyone is, no matter where
you flew to.  Even with trains, all's it will take is one bomb and you
better believe security will be pumped up as high as it is with
airlines.  Who knows anymore, there's so much going on at every
spectrum of this globe that the probability of keeping up with a minor
fraction is hard enough.  The gov't control's all major transportation
routes, which control's movement and where everyone is at all times. 
Soon, there will be no where to run to.

---X <[email protected]> wrote:
> Does anyone know what the airlines do with the info they collect off
the ID?
> Are they just noting whether the names match, or is it more sinister?
> When I was below legal drinking age (21 in my state) I would drive
up to the
> window (how barbaric!  liquor sales to guys in cars!) and give the
> sub-moronic guy my REAL ID under the assumption that:  he expects it
to say
> something that proves I am over age, or else why would I be handing
it to
> him? [nicely enough, this shifts all of the risk of the transaction
to him,
> should it go wrong.]
> Similarly, if you booked a flight under the name Nevah Umind, when
you hand
> over a piece of ID, they look to see it says Nevah Umind (unless, of
> your name happens to be Nevah Umind) and that's all they want, right?
> And if we all booked flights under the same name, then wouldn't that
> 'em WAY off?  Pick a name, DON'T scan your license in, DON'T edit
it, DON'T
> laminate it, and (for pete's sake!) DON'T use that name.  Their
> will tell them, "I have a match, he's okay" (These are not the
droids you
> are looking for, eh!) and away you go!
> X
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> ~> [mailto:[email protected]]On Behalf Of Joel O'Connor
> ~> I traveled by train all the way to Florida from Rhode Island
once.  24
> ~> hours straight it took man and I swore I would never do it again.
> ~> 40-50 people per car and basically one bathroom per car.  Come
> ~> time man, the lines for the bathrooms stretched out of the cars.
> ~> Screw that, I could have flown and made it in 3 hours. Plus it's
> ~> easier for the gov't to stop trains and search them, I'd rather go
> ~> with the flight.
> ~>

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