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MIB Subpoena 3

We've received word of a third Grand Jury subpoena in 
CJ's case. With a request to not publicize the person and 
information sought. Yep, we tried to prize it loose, citing
Gilmore's model, but no go.

Word from that person is that the trial is expected to begin 
in mid-November, which could indicate that CJ's evaluation 
will be completed shortly.

Interest in attending is picking up. We've had requests to
keep several folks informed on dates of court activity.

All we got so far is the Nov 10 date on John Gilmore's Grand
Jury subpoena and the mid-Nov trial start. So any info is most 

BTW, has anyone seen news reports on CJ's case other than
those of Declan? If so, we'd like pointers or copies.