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You won't want to miss this!


We are pleased to announce that we have made several big improvements
to Webpersonals (Avenia, Womanline and Manline) since your last

The biggest and best of our upgrade, we call "Happy Hour". Our new
Happy Hour Ticket allows you to enjoy one full hour of uninterrupted
instant messaging with other members online anytime, at a big

In fact, for a limited time, we are currently offering a special
Bonus Offer which wil allow you to try Happy Hour FREE!

While our Bonus Offer lasts, you will receive FREE Happy Hour Ticket(s)
with any purchase package. If you decide to purchase now, you will not
lose your current Credits. Your new purchase package plus FREE Happy Hour
Ticket(s) will be added to your account for you to use at any time.

PLUS... our Search function is now twice as powerful! Finding that
special someone is faster, easier and more convenient with the
new "saved search" function. Residents of North America can also
search within a specified distance, allowing them to locate member
in as broad or as specific a range as they wish.

And finally, we have added two new user-friendly payment options.
Try our toll-free 1-888 fax payment line, or phone our Telephone
Payment Line with your credit card information. It's quick and
easy to order Credit and Ticket packages over fax or phone.All
charges will appear under "Interactive Media USA" on your credit
card statement.

If you have forgotten your Secret ID and password, here they are:
  Password:  CYPHERPU

PLEASE NOTE: You may have experienced difficulty connecting to
www.avenia.com.  We are having some technical difficulties with
this domain and ask that you use www.webpersonals.com until further
notice. Thank you.

The Staff of Webpersonals