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Re: MIB Subpoenas

At 11:28 AM -0800 10/28/98, John Young wrote:

>Note also that all the suspects used a variety of aliases, so the
>Feds allege, just like CJ is mani-nymed in Gilmore's subpoena.

And the requests for "help" (Jeff Gordon to the Cypherpunks list), help
with finding out who Toto communicated with, help with what his messages
meant...well, it looks to me like a conspiracy case is being made.

(The nexus in Washington, near Bell, and the nexus with AP, is indicative.)

The first thing I did when I heard about the latest case, that of Toto, was
to purge any private mail messages between myself and Toto or any of his
alleged nyms. (My backups  may have old messages, but I've been trying to
find them all and destroy or recopy them sans the Toto messages.)

I advise any of you with links to the idea of anonymous murders and AP to
do the same. Soon.

--Tim May

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