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Re: Soccer Moms?

At 8:28 AM -0500 10/13/98, Brown, R Ken wrote:
>In the middle of an interesting article about digital cash, forwarded
>here by Bob Hettinga, there was the line:
>> After all, the kind of soccer moms who elected Bill Clinton
>"Divided by a common language" as I am  I genuinly don't know what that
>means. And I can't even guess from context. I'd have expected a dig at
>liberals or feminists or welfare recipients at that point; and I can't
>work out what soccer has to do with it.
>Do mothers play soccer much in the USA?
>Football (as the 95% of the world's population that aren't either
>English-speaking North Americans or else Rugby fans call the Beautiful
>Game) is associated in my mind with young men, specifically working
>class men. It's connotations are entirely macho, even violent.  When a
>big match is on men gather in pubs and bars and shout at TVs whilst
>knocking back the lager. You avoid the centre of town if you don't want
>to risk getting involved in a fight.  People get *killed* at football
>matches.  That's pretty much true in every big city inthe world outside
>North America (and Japan where the fans are polite).
>This honestly isn't a troll - I am in fact bewildered by the phrase.

	I am currently in the process of catching up on C-punks, did this
get answered to your satisfaction?
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