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RE: UK police chase crooks on CCTV (fwd)

So when are they going to arrest Gorby and Fidel?  They killed more people.


At 04:57 AM 10/22/98 -0500, Brown, R Ken wrote:
>> William H. Geiger III[SMTP:[email protected]] wrote (among other
>> stuff):
>> What we need is a mechanism to punish the politicians
>> who go down the Big Brother path *and* the companies
>> who are making big profits helping them. 
>> IMHO the UK, and the rest of Europe, is a lost cause,
>> it's sheeple are too brainwashed
>The best bit of news of the last few days is Pinochet's arrest. It
>lifted my heart. Almost made up for the all 
>the bad stuff the UK government has been coming out with. 
>(Also it brought Thatcher out of the woodwork. Like a large segment of
>the British Tory party she really is/was an authoritarian, 
>paying lip-service to the Free Market for political reasons. You can
>tell them by the company they keep.)