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Another interesting observation...

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> Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 16:21:21 EST

> Excuse me!  The S. L. A. Marshall study to which you refer; the one that
> slammed the American Army infantryman for not firing, has been debunked as
> based on pure fantasy by no less a person than SLAM;s #2.  Training does work
> and ammunition depletion was a problem for front line units.
> Although I an now guilty of failing to meet Pauls request to take this strain
> private, as a damn Yankee :-),  I strongly protest comments by by people
> outside the family on this whole GD, err GC, subject.  For the record, if your
> country has a history of dictatorship in this century, you need to research
> your own history, like the government death squads so prevalent SOB.  As to
> our distant northern cousins, you still have government censorship of the
> press, a draconian official secrets act, and border police who stop and search
> any US car with an NRA decal that has the temerity to cross into Canada.
> In 2 weeks, those of us who remember, celebrate Veterans Day, once known as
> Armistice Day.  So when you choose to rag on the US, remember Bois de Belleau,
> Chateau Thierry, Bastogne, and keep a moment of silence for the gun crazy
> Americans who gave their last full measure of devotion.
> Rant off.

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