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cypherpunk fashion accessories

 A piece of luggage in the form of an attache case is equipped
with destruct means for destroying the contents therein in response to an
intentionally given signal. The interior of the case comprises a
compartment in the form of a metallic box with a cover, which box when
closed serves as a combustion chamber to incinerate the contents therein
when so desired. Fuel and electric igniter means are placed within the box
and ignition current is supplied by a power pack housed in the attache
case. A heat insulation barrier surrounds the box and prevents transfer of
combustion heat to the walls of the attache case. The circuit
interconnecting the electric power pack and the igniter means includes a
number of normally open switches arranged in series; all of which must be
closed to initiate and start the destruct cycle. One switch is closed in
response to closure of the attache case, and others may be deliberately
closed by key means or the like. The final switch is closed by a pushbutton
in the vicinity of the attache case handle, whereby the carrier of the case
may set off the destruct cycle by manipulating the pushbutton with a finger
of the hand around the handle.