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one lump or two

>(e.g. # Uses/Side Effects/Precuations/Interactions/etc.)
>I'd like info on Zoloft, Zestril, Lithium, & Deprecote (?sp) - orange-ish
>liquid capsules - ... and Tegretol and Respiradahl (?sp)

Depekote and Tegretol are anti-seizure drugs now being used
for certain kinds of bipolar conditions.  

Zoloft is like prozac but has also a mild stimulating effect.

Lithium is a classic anti-bipolar drug.

Li, Depekote, probably Tegretol you have to watch blood levels
even after stabilization.

They probably think he's manic and or depressed, if he's
been coherent and dumbed-himself-down enough to avoid
a psychotic or schizoform diagnosis.  Shrinks don't like rants, especially
ones they don't understand.