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Assassin Report

We offer the DoJ report on assassination
intelligence and threat assessment investigations,
cited in the post on "shared traits of potential

   http://jya.com/ncj170612.htm  (110K)

It's quite surprising in that the recommended policy
is to not arrest potential assassins but to attempt to
persuade them to give up their plans to attack, to 
establish trust in the LEAs who are encouraged to 
listen to grievances, and helpfully arrange for 
treatment of whatever underlies the menace.

It seems that most who threaten assassination do
not go through with it, but do enjoy the attention it
gets, so the report reassuringly states. Hmm.

True, there are some indicators of imminent threat
that warrant more severe measures -- such as the
subject's acquistion of weapons, participation in 
militant organizations and persistent stalking of

And, yes, a few performance artists want to be killed 
on TV.

It says that most of the tiny number (83 in 50 years) of 
actual "assassins, attackers and near-lethal approachers" 
(compared to the far larger number who only talk 
about it) are deliberate in their planning and highly
rational about why the deed is necessary -- even
those who are mentally unstable are totally sane
in preparing for and executing attacks.

All in all, the report says assassination is not a big deal
for it doesn't happen all that much, and the task at hand 
is to prevent rash acts by friendly persuasion and TLC.
And brace for the assassins who never give a clue of
what's coming.


So what is going on with CJ and Jim Bell? Scare sense 
into them, followed by caregiving, or serious jail time?

Recall that the Secret Service (which co-authored the report)
had a friendly talk with CJ about assassination threats not long 
before he was arrested by Jeff Gordon. Which fits the report's

Is the IRS out of touch with progressive law enforcement? Putting
on a show for effect? Or is Washington State truly a murderous 
nest of mad dog killers? Other than Microsoft.