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Two ISPs Seized Over Usenet Content

New York State Attorney General Dennis Vacco, who is running for
re-election, is crowing and posturing this morning over having seized
two ISPs, Dreamscape in Syracuse, and Buffnet in West Seneca, over the
content of the newsgroup alt.binaries.pictures.pre-teen, thus making a
small dent in the distribution of "filth" to ignorant citizen-units.
A running gag in abpep-t for the last several years has been for
newsgroup posters to identify themselves as various faculty belonging
to a mythical "Pedo University" when responding to trolls.  Vacco
believes this imaginary organization to be a "International Child
Pornography Ring" which he has broken up.
13 individuals in various countries were also arrested on various
child pornography possession, trading, and promotion charges, related
to activity in the newsgroup, and 34 are still under "investigation",
according to this morning's AP wire.
alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.pre-teen continues merrily onwards, and
is presently discussing the arrests and seizures, minus a few of its
regular participants.
While the loss of two small ISPs and a dozen or so patrons is unlikely
to bring the uncensorable worldwide Usenet to its knees, this appears
to be a small first step towards eroding the legal notion that common
carriers are immune from liability over Usenet content.
  NEW YORK (AP) -- Authorities say they have broken up an
  international child pornography ring dubbed ``Pedo
  University'' in which suspects swapped sexually explicit
  information, pictures and video online.
  Thirteen people were in custody and more arrests were
  As many as 34 people were still under investigation. New
  York state police seized two Internet providers, Dreamscape
  ISP in Syracuse and Buffnet.net ISP in West Seneca.
  Both allegedly carried Pedo University news groups, a type
  of electronic bulletin board similar to a chat room.

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