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Re: Interesting Articles... Micro jet engine for Wearable power?

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Subject: Re: Interesting Articles...  Micro jet engine for Wearable power?
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Mark Willis wrote:
> single spool turbojet
> 12mm OD x 3mm long (Tiny!) Weighs 1 gram...
> Rotor speed: 2.4 million rpm
> Combustor temp: 1600deg K
> Output: 13 grams thrust, or 16W electrical
> Fuel: Hydrogen @ 7 grams/hr.
>   Fuel for 2-3 hours would fit in a CO2 cylinder sized container or so
> <G>  They use air bearings, and a *silicon* spool, no nickel metal
> sintered exotics here...  This little puppy will run a wearable nicely
> when it gets to production!  (The original is for a small surveillance
> aircraft, 16W power budget isn't bad though!)  I imagine it puts out
> some heat, of course...

But that annoying roar and jet of flame.....

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