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Can someone do a fill in/summary/recapitulation? I'm not sure I understand all of this and the MIB stuff...

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From: Anonymous <[email protected]>
To: [email protected] <[email protected]>
Date: Tuesday, October 27, 1998 8:45 PM

:[Two letters received by fax on 27 October 1998]
:[Letter 1, cover and 16 pages]
:8 September 1998
:Cover Sheet
:The Good News is that I have a pen to write
:with, due to the Free Enterprise System being
:alive & well within the Prison System.
:The Bad News is that Micro$oft Pens (TM)
:controls 95% of the market...
:I am hoping you can share as much of this
:communique as possible with the CPUNX,
:since my chain is constantly getting yanked
:in different directions, making outside contact
:sporatic & unreliable.
:Feel free to reserve for your own use any
:of the enclosed information you need for your
:own journalistic purposes.
:I will try to reach you by phone (automated
:collect-call system requiring touch-tone on
:your end).
:Thanks for the Mags,
:                     CJ Parker
:ps# My prison cell mirror now reads,
:"Chocolate Skelter." (Brownie & Milk)
:believe that the KONTROLLERS are taking
:actions that create obstacles to the freedom
:and openess of the Internet. ~Truth Glaser]
:Looks like you may be receiving the *only* copy
:of the Florence Nutly News, since I have, up
:until now, been writing on paper towels and
:medicine cups, using combinations of blood,
:sperm and chocolate (two of which are in short
:supply) for ink, and I will soon be headed
:to Nutly News Head (pardon the pun) Quarters
:in Springfield, Missouri, for Rewiring of
:my Brain Circuity.