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Super computer SR2201 at PJWSTK

I got news for you all. I'm applying for an account on a super
computer which we got in our school. I need to write the reason why I
need to have such an account. The reason why I want to put is: to
break a DES-56 bit key encrypted message. I don't know if my
applications for the account will be accepted, but if you got any
ideas now as to how you'd like to use the computational power of a
super computer, just let me know...

http://www.pjwstk.waw.pl/sr2201/index.html this is the address to the
page at my school about the SR2201, but it's in polish... i might
translate it one day soon...
Looking foreward to your comments and ideas.

PS. My return address is somewhat messed up.
Just send mail to either the list, or to
[email protected]
for some reason, the server at my school, PJWSTK,
says that your domain is not accepted. For 
some reason, it says so for all domains.