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4 Horseman not so bad..

At 07:52 AM 10/29/98 -0500, Chip Mefford wrote:
>>  but some peope are scared of
>> drugs/paedophiles/terrorists etc, so thats the way in for the jackboots. 
>> To oppose it we need to reduce fear. 
>Thats the most interesting POV I've ever heard
>of in these discussions, seems like for the most part, 
>we counter fear arguments with other fear arguments,
>Never saw this before. Bears more examination.

Right.  The new Happy Net campaign.

Druggies.. why, they're friendly enough to
be elected officials in such peaks of civilization as D.C. and L.A.
And the more successful recreational pharmaceutical merchants 
are luxury-car and mobile telecomm early adopters!

Pedophiles.  Well, consider that Kennedy and his babysitter..
You'd still vote for him, right? 

Terrorists.  Well, shoot, everyone needs to express themselves
some times.  One day you're a terrorist, the next you're boosting
the POTUS's ratings a few points with a handshake.