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More on Bic-Assassins

Jim Choate:

What's the buzz in TX about the Bic-Assassins?

I spoke to a reporter at the Brownsville Herald who's
been covering the case and she says that local
folks think the men were entrapped by the government
with a sting.

Her story today and others previously at:


She sent me a copy of the indictment which cites a
confidential "source" which set up the E-mail system 
used to send threats to officials (the fink promised
the messages could not be traced - ouch!). The poor 
saps were videotaped throughout their planning 
and executing the threats, thanks to the informant's 


The informant is named in the court docket (which shows
that the defendants' attorneys put up a fierce fight
using First Amendment and other defenses discussed
here in regard to CJ):


The judge's rulings favored the government consistently, 

BTW, the prosecutor says that it made no difference that
nothing was ever done to act on the threats, no Bic-lighter
or bio-weapon was ever made, that it was enough under 
the law for the threat to have been made. "Justice was
done," he said of the conviction.